3 CD EP Bundle with Handwritten Note
  • 3 CD EP Bundle with Handwritten Note
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Go direct through Harlequin Jones and get the music you’ve been streaming sent to your mailbox! Streaming and downloads are convenient, but we’re not the only ones who appreciate hard copies of music and have a bit of nostalgia for compact discs!

You can finally hold the music in your hands, see artwork up close, laugh at everything we spelled wrong, and see what the mysterious back side of the CD looks like!

♦️ Receive Harlequin Jones’ original EP, The Bad Beginning, Overflow, and a hand written thank you note for $20!♦️

(Note: The pic for this description is not any of our front cover art ...HOWEVER... you may see it sinking on the back cover of Overflow if you look close...) Send us pics of you holding all three and we will post it here!

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