A Devil Inside You

Harlequin Jones

Sounds like if you could dance to Castlevania while singing along to a moody, energetic, piano driven flow with Latin percussion heavy beats. Giant female vocals and harmonies. A little eerie yet accessible pop structure and you can move your hips to it!

Perfect for Halloween! Lets get spooky with A Devil Inside You!
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Blackout Fantasy

Harlequin Jones

"Blackout Fantasy" is the song that nearly destroyed Harlequin Jones.

Battling to capture the perfect sound, the perfect timing, and the perfect feel, singer and pianist Amanda von Loon surrendered. Harlequin Jones went dormant for years. Von Loon was disgusted by her cheap plastic keyboard and the generic piano sounds that it produced. After generously inheriting a baby grand piano, a spark was relit and a hibernating passion was ignited. Von Loon began writing songs for Harlequin Jones again and the band began work on new recordings.

Fighting through the same frustrations once again, Harlequin Jones completed recording “Blackout Fantasy,” making it a personal victory and a return from defeat.
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